PB is now on OpenSea


Yep. PB has gone crypto.

So, what’s the big deal about this? Well, it’s provenance of digital art. Proof of ownership, in this case of original print files from PB’s book, “When I Grow Up & Other Mantras.” It also, finally, gives digital art legitimacy —although, you can create NFTs for pretty much anything digital or tangible.

When a file is purchased, it becomes the property of the buyer. The blockchain keeps a record of transactions. It also pays me a small percentage if the file is sold again in the secondary market. And it’s decentralized, so the transaction is solely between buyer and seller. No middle man bullshit.

For those that don’t recall, a couple of years back (2016-ish) PB created a series of cut & paste memes reflecting the ennui of our systemic dilemmas. Utilizing a couple of sets of 1960s educational flash cards, PB created angst with a vintage feel. Topics ranged from the miscellaneous absurdum to pointed social critique. Approximately 80 images were created and those cool cats at Black Scat Books published a book of the memes. Sadly, it is now out of print.

Sales of the book were minuscule. So, PB decided to break the book up and dip its digital toes into the crypto environment and see what shakes.

You can check PB’s shop on OpenSea HERE.