Welcome Rainbow Sherbet


Pink Buddha has a new friend, his name is Rainbow Sherbet. Rainbow Sherbet identifies as a unicorn, but don’t say anything about the obvious. He is very sensitive.

Pink Buddha is going to surprise Rainbow Sherbet with a prosthetic horn for his birthday. They just need to figure out when exactly Rainbow Sherbet’s birthday is. He’s not a racehorse so it’s probably not January 1.

Stay tuned for more fun and adventure with these two.
(We promise, there WILL be more fun and adventures.)

Having A Heatwave

We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,
The temperature's rising,
It isn't surprising,
She certainly can can-can.

She started a heat wave
By letting her seat wave
In such a way that
The customers say that
She certainly can can-can.

Gee, her anatomy
Makes the mercury
Jump to ninety-three.

We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,
The way that she moves
That thermometer proves
That she certainly can can-can.

—Irving Berlin

PB is now on OpenSea


Yep. PB has gone crypto.

So, what’s the big deal about this? Well, it’s provenance of digital art. Proof of ownership, in this case of original print files from PB’s book, “When I Grow Up & Other Mantras.” It also, finally, gives digital art legitimacy —although, you can create NFTs for pretty much anything digital or tangible.

When a file is purchased, it becomes the property of the buyer. The blockchain keeps a record of transactions. It also pays me a small percentage if the file is sold again in the secondary market. And it’s decentralized, so the transaction is solely between buyer and seller. No middle man bullshit.

For those that don’t recall, a couple of years back (2016-ish) PB created a series of cut & paste memes reflecting the ennui of our systemic dilemmas. Utilizing a couple of sets of 1960s educational flash cards, PB created angst with a vintage feel. Topics ranged from the miscellaneous absurdum to pointed social critique. Approximately 80 images were created and those cool cats at Black Scat Books published a book of the memes. Sadly, it is now out of print.

Sales of the book were minuscule. So, PB decided to break the book up and dip its digital toes into the crypto environment and see what shakes.

You can check PB’s shop on OpenSea HERE.

Mutual Aid And Cooperation As Core Values


This is an ongoing series to help those in my community that are economically impacted by the virus COVID-19. Each week, you will be introduced to several artists, artisans, musicians, writers, etc. If you are not economically impacted by the virus, please consider buying something from those who are.

We’re in this together.
Peace and Love,
Pink Buddha & Terri

A Few Are Souls, get your download at tunnelmental.bandcamp.com/

I, like no other individual, like no other political party, like no other self proclaimed authority will ever permanently shape society. We are society. We may individually or collectively influence it though. How we emerge from our current crisis or the next one is still a guess. I love my freedom and liberty, it allows me to grow on my own terms and through my own choices. What I did notice, as did many, is that most people were easily divided and much of the blame was on the corruption prevalent in all government globally. So, when we emerge from this crisis, do we want to influence change or just accept the continued corruption? I believe we have windows of opportunity and I can sit back and await that window closing or use my influence, my love, my peace, to promote a “better more caring society.” So, I must.  —Nigel Mitchell

Fact: In another life, Nigel was a jockey.

Fins, The Crochet Clown Fish $50 at YarnKat.com

YarnKat is a place for things yarn, crochet, knit and cats. Yep, cats. Being a crazy cat lady runs in the family. Proprietress, Kathy Bartholomew, is my sister and she will gladly tell you horror stories about growing up with me as her sister.

Fact: Kathy was born with strabismus and had three eye surgeries before Kindergarten.

Give In To The Idea, 24 x 36 inches, Montana spray paint on canvas $350 Venmo: @LukeSaenz24

Luke Saenz: As a child, I dug holes. A corridor filled with wonder & amusement. As a young human, I learned about myself and art from my amazing mentor ( anti-Terri-fucking-Lloyd). 

What do we say to the establishment? Fuck you.

Fun Fact: Luke cracked his head open one night, partying with his pals. Ended up getting staples to hold it all together. I insisted he send me a photo of it so I could share it on myspace.
Facebook: luke.saenz3
Instagram: lukesaenz24

Working with charcoal along 2000+ miles with stones, rivers and creeks, 600 marked sites with earth since 7/27/2016… with being with alignment and with the energies I sense with the place and space, the time of day and the seasons as continuum…

Greg Patch: I had a Polio vaccine, and had mumps, measels and chicken pox and bumped myself many more times.

Fun fact: Greg is an herbalist.


L–R: The recycled aqua, cobalt and clear glass drops with copper, brass and crystal studded resin are $20 each, (tags read $40) but “Tarnished Scorpio’s” everyday lo prices are in effect, yah undaStand?  

instagram:        tarnished_scorpio

FarceBook:      Tarnished Scorpio

www.tarnishedscorpio.com 1-626-840-7733 Order direct: tarnishedscorpio@yahoo.com Paypal or Square

Nina says: When I was a toddler just having started to walk my parents always had me in a leather harness with a leather leash until I was about 4  ….. wonder if that’s where my fondness for B & D comes from.

Are you interested in participating in this action? Please check out this Call For Artists page for details.

Bohemian Sunday

PB isn’t really a drunk. PB plays one on t.v.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Be Damned!

We’ve got Bohemian Sunday, the super secret unconventional open house holiday event.

Yeah, we got art that’s for sure.
Paintings and prints, and table-top sculptures.
Hand crafted-wares and jewelry and bling.
A bird that talks and three cats that sing.

Light snacks
Music and a few other things.
Hope you can make it to 2019’s
final Open Studio wing ding.

RSPV for password and location.
email terri at terrilloyd dot net

Unusual Suspects:
Nina Ehlig/Tarnished Scorpio
Anita Finnegan
Luke (in)Saenz
Jorge Bernal
Moi (Terri)