Take The Okey Dokey Back

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PB saw some posts and memes about this over the weekend and got really and very perplexed. PB understands the tyranny of political correctness as well as being pranked or trolled. PB is not going to destroy a work of art because all of a sudden a mudra indicating all is A-OK is being appropriated by a few jackasses trolling the left. Nope. PB says, “Take the Okey-Dokey back motherfuckers. TAKE IT BACK.”

Jailed Again.

Everyday Absurdum

Facebook jailed me again. This time for three days. Why? See the previous post.
If you’re reading this on Facebook, you can’t see the previous post. <— So tap that link.

Apparently there’s a bot of some sort that scans FB for nudity. I managed to get the first Burt Reynolds image replaced on my personal timeline. They did agree that the image did not violate the precious “community standards.”

If there is no consistency in your community standards, there are no standards.

Sadly, FB is a punitive environment that reminds me of Junior High. Every time I’m blocked the penalty goes up, regardless of whether or not FB was in the wrong in the first place. A metaphor for the entire oppressive system we live under.

Anyway, Fuck You Facebook and your little bots too.